Lost or Missing Pets in the Tri-State Area

Posted: January 20, 2012 in Uncategorized
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We have been receiving a lot of reports about missing dogs in the tri-state area. Most are purebred and just vanish without a trace from the yard with no tips or leads. We also cannot help but notice a lot of the missing dogs listed on Craigslist are purebreds.
We wonder if lot of the dogs are being stolen and held for the reward money to become available. The best way to handle this situation if your pet comes up missing is do NOT let anyone know how much the reward is that you are offering. If someone is holding your dog for ransom money and something “smells fishy” with the situation you do not have to give them as much money as you offered once the dog is returned.

To avoid your pet from coming up missingĀ  try not to leave your pets unattended while outside or try to keep an eye on them. Locking your gates with pad locks may make the thieves jobs a little harder when they are trying to steal your pet. You can purchase ID tags for your pets collar in case they accidentally get out or have your pet micro-chipped.

Here are a few tips in case your pet comes up missing:

1. Conduct a thorough search of your house and yard (pets fall asleep in strange places all the time)

2. Contact the local pounds, vets offices, animal control officers and animal rescue organizations. A lot of the rescues and pounds can be found on facebook as well, most will share the photo and the information about your pet if you ask.

3. Get the word out by printing flyers and hanging them in grocery stores, vets offices, laundry mats, local businesses, utility companies and pass them out to all your neighbors. Also in most cases it is best not to post the pets name to the public just in case they were stolen. Most dogs will go to anyone if they have a friendly voice, call them by saying “come on girl/boy” or simply offer food.


My cat has been missing since Friday,
May 22. He is predominantly black with white
tummy, white paws, and a white bib. (insert color or collar or ID tags, if dog was micro chipped, rabies tags can be used to get owner information from vet)

(Insert most recent photo of pet here)

If you have seen him or have any information
regarding his whereabouts, please contact me. I love
him very much and am desperate to bring him home.
My contact information is:
City, State, Zip Code
Phone number (including area code)
Thank you very much.

4. Utilize online websites such as:
http://www.craigslist.com (community/pets, and community/lost & found)
http://www.petfinder.com (classifieds)
http://www.tabbytracker.com (for cats)
http://www.fidofinder.com (for dogs)
http://www.facebook.com -upload a photo and tag friends and family so they can keep their eyes open and share the picture with friends, make sure the photo is marked PUBLIC

5. Look for your lost pet daily by driving around the neighbor, speak to neighbors again or to see if they have spotted your pet.

6. Follow up with all rescue organizations, shelters, animal control officers once you find your pet. This is an excellent way to thank them as well.

We have received reports from pet owners who have found their dogs miles away from home. For instance the lost pit bull from the Grayson, KY area was found in Ashland which is 30 miles away. The family received the call 1 month and 1 day after he came up missing. Never lose hope and remember being persistent does pay off!


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