James Hall aka Diamond Jims Olde Tyme Photos at the Ashland Town Center Mall aka Sex Offender

Posted: January 18, 2012 in Uncategorized
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James Hall aka Diamond Jims Olde Tyme Photos at the Ashland Town Center Mall aka Sex Offender

In the current edition we are featuring a story on a KY Registered Sex Offender known to most as Diamond Jim.  His legal name is James Hall.  Last week we posted information on this man on our Facebook Page and we had an abundant amount of feedback.

The offender himself made a couple of posts which we found disturbing.  He is what is considered a “classic” sex offender.  Someone who has committed a sex crime and to no avail thinks they have done nothing wrong. This man has justified his actions by first placing the blame on his 17-year-old victim and second by implying the sex with her was consensual.  Children can’t consent.  He has surrounded himself with cronies who are defending him to the end.  the thing is, not of his friends were there, they are taking what he has told them as gold.  Does anyone know the adage, “Don’t drink the cool aid”.

Look at this mans frame and build and body weight.  Ask yourself, could a young girl overtake Grisly Adams?  I think not.

The absolute most disgusting part of our dealings with this man is that he owns and operates a photography studio at the Ashland Town Center mall which gives him unlimited access to photograph children.

Diamond Jim’s photographs are distasteful and he is pushing the envelope to what may be borderline illegal.  We told him our thoughts about the pictures and he made a facebook post defending his position stating this would be typical to what you would see in similar studios.  I find it hard to believe but even if it were the case, it doesn’t make it right.

If these photographs were taken one step further, they would be considered kiddie porn.  As it stands right now, the pictures are inappropriate to say the least.  These are adult poses with children as the subjects.  He has a collection of photographs of young children posed to appear as if they were naked.  Some of the children photographed with their clothes off are holding whiskey bottles and are posed with other unclothed children.  We are not just talking about one picture, there are many.  We are going to display some of the pictures here and will keep them up until Diamond Jim removes them from his Facebook page.  We encourage you to contact Diamond Jim and demand him to remove these pictures.  The pictures are wrong and for them to be taken by a sex offender and published on his website to encourage future business done in this manner is just absolutely WRONG!

We encourage you to visit Diamond Jim’s facebook site and tell him to take down these inappropriate pictures.  Don’t harass him though, be kind.   We don’t want you to get in trouble.  The laws are made to protect people like him and we want you to just be careful.  The First Amendment of the Constitution gives you the right of Freedom of Speech but doesn’t give you the right to harass or threaten people.

If you scroll down you can click on the PDF of the court docket and review his rape case which was reduced to Sexual Battery charge through a plea bargain.

Here is Diamond Jim’s facebook link  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Diamond-Jims-Olde-Tyme-Photos/220219613144?sk=photos  

If the link doesn’t work, just copy and paste it into your address bar.


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